New App, Beat Slice =) Remixing to the People!

Well I have been away from the app store for a while working on my latest app. It’s called Beat Slice and it will help you unleash your inner Dj, even if you have no music production experience!
This one is a combination of all my talent so far, audio, iOS and Photoshopping. The idea was formed a few years ago when I started this as an Audio plugin but never finished and left it in my black hole folder on the desktop. Recently I found out that Apple had allowed access to the music library on your phone and I came up with a plan to resurrect the old code as a remixing toy. The challenge with the mobile market is that if you want to make a few bucks you need mass appeal, and for mass appeal you need some easy + cool + fun. The business model is to get the free app to a large audience and sell premium effects, exports to SoundCloud and ringtones. So after six+ months of work here it is!

Hope you like it and if you do don’t forget to give me ★★★★★!
A youtube video would be awesome too!

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